Control Of Bleeding, Resuscitation, Arterial Occlusion System


Atraumatic Flexible J-Tip

Soft J-shape helps prevent vessel perforation and accidental aortic branch placement.


RO BallOon Markers

Proximal and distal footprint markers highlight balloon location.


Reusable J-Tip Straightener

Straightener loaded distal to balloon for speed and convenience.


Compliant Offset Balloon

Innovative balloon design allows for partial REBOA and controlled deflation.


Safety Shoulder Reservoir

Patented feature helps to prevent aortic and balloon rupture.


Suture Tabs

Suture fixation option conveniently incorporated into hub.


Zone 1 & 3 Markers

Single and triple visual markers for simple Zone 1 and 3 placement.


10 cc Sword-Handled Syringe

Ergonomic syringe to help with controlled inflation and deflation.

COBRA-OS Device with 4 French scale
French Catheter Scale / COBRA-OS® Access Kit Components

4 FR

Size Matters

The COBRA-OS® is ultra-low profile but strong enough to hold back aortic pressure during REBOA procedures. The unique design allows for a smaller arterial access site and therefore may decrease the risk of access complications. Being small also allows for less steps, which may speed up the time to definitive hemorrhage control.

For your convenience

Included with the COBRA‑OS® device

  • 10 cc Sword-Handled Syringe

  • Access Kit
  • 0.018 inch floppy tip guidewire
  • 4 French kink resistant sheath with excellent transition
  • 21G 7cm beveled angiographic needle
Cobra-OS Full device and Accessories
COBRA-OS® Syringe / COBRA-OS® Access Kit

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