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Control Of Bleeding, Resuscitation, Arterial Occlusion System

The COBRA-OS® is used to temporarily occlude the aorta. This controlled occlusion temporizes the patient, buying valuable time until definitive care can be provided. With its user-friendly design, the COBRA-OS ® allows for rapid and precise deployment, enabling quick intervention in critical situations.

French Catheter Scale / COBRA-OS® Access Kit Components

4 Fr

Size Matters

The COBRA-OS® is introduced through a 4 Fr sheath. This ultra low profile provides several benefits, including ease of use, smaller arterial access site and fewer procedural steps. These advantages help to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of complications.

Strength Matters

Despite its smaller size, the COBRA-OS® carries its weight in stability and strength, and can reliably hold back significant aortic pressures without the risk of kinking.

Partial REBOA

It's TRUE, the COBRA-OS® can do Partial REBOA too!

Partial REBOA means titration of the balloon to allow for some distal blood flow to the lower limbs. This may be useful in cases when patients have longer transit times to definitive care. The unique design of the COBRA-OS® enables fine-tuning control of distal blood flow if desired.

Watch our video here to see how the COBRA-OS® can be used for partial REBOA.





Fewer Steps


Easy To Use

For your convenience

Included with the COBRA‑OS® device

  • 10 cc Sword-Handled Syringe
  • Access Kit
    • 0.018 inch floppy tip guidewire
    • 4 French kink resistant sheath with excellent transition
    • 21G 7cm beveled angiographic needle
COBRA-OS® Syringe / COBRA-OS® Access Kit

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