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Simplifying Aortic Occlusion for Better Patient Care

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The Smallest Life-Saving Bleeding Control Device

When treating an unstable bleeding patient, you need to act fast. With the COBRA-OS®, you can buy precious time for a patient to be transferred to an operating room for definitive bleeding control. Utilizing the REBOA (Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta) technique, the low-profile and intuitive 4 French design of the COBRA-OS® means there may be less chance of complications.

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COBRA-OS Device with 4 French scale

4 FR

Size Matters

The COBRA-OS™ is ultra-low profile but strong enough to hold back aortic pressure during REBOA procedures. The unique design allows for a smaller arterial access site and therefore may decrease the risk of access complications. Being small also allows for less steps, which may speed up the time to definitive hemorrhage control.