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Passionate. Accountable. Committed.

At FrontLine Medical Technologies, we are driven by our unwavering passion for patient care and emergency medicine. With our innovative technology, we are accountable to the critically injured and committed to supporting the front lines. We are a unique team that is passionate about lowering the barriers to bleeding control and resuscitation worldwide.

Asha Parekh

Co-Founder, CEO

PhD, Biomedical Engineer

Adam Power

Co-Founder, CMO

MD, Vascular Surgeon

Bernard Lim

Chair, Board of Directors

Michael Hoey

Board of Directors

Laura Moore

Chair, Clinical Advisory Board

MD, Trauma Surgeon

Seema Gogna

Director of Products

Jean-Michel Lacroix

PhD, Director of Quality

Debbie Mousseau

Debbie Mousseau

Director of Finance