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The Risk:

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What is Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)?

PPH is characterized by excessive bleeding following childbirth and typically occurs when uterine contractions are not strong enough to put pressure on the blood vessels where the placenta was attached in the uterus. It can be potentially life-threatening and is the leading cause of preventable maternal illness and deaths worldwide.

Aortic Occlusion for PPH

There are several methods that can be used to help manage PPH. When first line therapy fails, more advanced treatment options must be employed. This can range from medications to a hysterectomy in extreme cases. Aortic occlusion can help decrease pelvic bleeding and allow for further intervention if required.


The low-profile COBRA-OS® aortic occlusion device is especially well-suited to postpartum females who typically have smaller blood vessels and are hypercoagulable. The smaller sheath size is less obstructive to blood flow, decreasing the chance of arterial thrombosis.

For patients with placenta accreta spectrum, who are known to have higher risk of PPH, the COBRA-OS® can be used prophylactically to help decrease blood loss and help prevent an unplanned hysterectomy.

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